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Hi there!

I'm Rachelle. Mother of two girls and married to Folker. My partner in everything. We live in the Dutch countryside, with our alpaca's, chickens and cat. We've been running a webshop in eco stuff for families for 6 years now, and were ready for a next step: developing our own products! 

We first had the idea almost 2 years ago and started our development process in the beginning of 2021. Covid lockdowns do tend to spark ideas for change, but make that change a bit harder to accomplish. So we needed loads and loads of patience, but we finally got there! I'm stoked we can now share everything we have been working on with you. 

The first product line we are launching is natural play makeup. Simply because most play makeup out there is absolute junk. Play makeup should be an upgrade to normal makeup in stead of a cheap downgrade! Children have way more delicate skin than adults, so the makeup they play with should be 100% safe in all ways possible. Also they tend to make a mess when they play with powdery makeup, and you really don't want them inhaling this powder. That's why we choose to make a makeup balm instead of powder. 

Our makeup is made by a skilled cosmetic scientist right here in the Netherlands. We share values and a high standard when it comes to natural cosmetics, so developing with her help was a breeze. We went through several rounds of testing and adapting until we were happy with the results. It then took some more testing and paperwork to make sure it's compliant with all EU regulations. In the meantime we found the perfect recyclable carbon package for our natural makeup and made sure kids will love the looks of it. Well, we do! 

We're going though the final stages. We're waiting for the packages to arrive so we can start filling them up. We expect them to be ready in the beginning October, so we just need a bit more patience... 

You can already claim yours in the preorder of our first batch ever. We hope you love our makeup as much as we do. Have fun playing!

xx Rachelle

Let's play!

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